CARE027: POWERSET AXIOM - INDUSTRIAL ACTION! diy cass. ltd. ed. 8 copies [2022]


Having this in front of me makes me wonder if I'm still in 2011, and how a decade passed so quickly (hopefully I'll be around long enough to reminisce about that sentence again in 2044 or so). As you may know, Circumanalis Records stopped its regular operations in 2011. There have been two brief reappearances in 2014 and 2018 to release some leftovers from the archives and now, in 2022, it's happening again with another blast from the past: Powerset Axiom - Industrial Action! This one has been announced around this website and beyond, as it was planned as a final Circumanalis Records (and Powerset Axiom) release in 2011. Initially, two tracks were planned: "Industrial" and "Action!", and the first one was already about two thirds complete in 2010 but, as things sometimes love taking an unpredictable turn, the release was left unfinished and archived for better times. After digging through some old CD-Rs (yes, some still work!), I've found the fully laid out project, samples, sound snippets and ideas for "Industrial", as well as some rough sketches for "Action!". I gave it some thought, felt that the right time had finally come, and decided that I should splice up both tracks and condense them into one now that I could work with all the separate elements in the songs. In the end, 25% of this conjoint track was further manipulated, arranged and recorded now in 2022, while taking care not to stray away from the original ideas, sounds and possibilities of the time when this was conceived. And it's definitely interesting to hear how I imagined this 12 years ago - I wanted to make a completely different record for the last Powerset Axiom release, so I went overboard with adding rhythm and mostly leaving previous genres and styles. Planned duration of the cassette was also ambitious - it was meant as an almost hour long full length release, but this is now also halved so you'll find "Industrial Action!" filling both sides of the tape (funny, cassette labels were planned - and already printed - as two different sides... I was almost that close to releasing it on time). To wrap it up, I'm really glad this finally sees the light of the day, it puts an end to a certain period in time, and it will be a nice addition to your collection as it's strictly limited to 8 hand-humbered copies, with DIY covers printed on tracing paper, all in the best Circumanalis Records manner you all remember and love. Released 25 Apr 2022 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE026: SIPRAFVCWOTDMBW CD-R pro done ltd. ed. 9 copies [2018]


7 years after the official closure and 4 years after the previous brief resurrection, Circumanalis Records is once again back from the dead for a moment, to keep a promise of doing a release that was supposed to be published some 8 years ago, but somehow just didn't happen at the time and got archived in the vaults instead. The artist in question is SIPRAFVCWOTDMBW (Sickness Inspired Pussy Ripping Abomination From Vaginal Cavity Womb Of The Death Mother Bezelbub's Whore), a longtime friend and collaborator, who you might remember from "Ambis", a three-way split tape with Mentalny Kolaps and Powerset Axiom. The material we're presenting now comes from the same period (all his experiments were recorded in late 2008) and, what this CD in fact brings are tracks IV to IX, the unreleased part of SIPRAFVCWOTDMBW's ten-track discography, with tracks I to III being published in 2008 by Zvukovina on a split CD with Crnich, and track X on the aforementioned three-way split cassette in 2010. So, 2018 somehow seemed like a right time to round up and finally systematize this artist's discography, so here's a harsh noise wall blast from the past, limited to 9 pro-done CD-Rs packed in slim DVD cases, with hand numbered inserts, Circumanalis Records pins/badges, and all together put inside hardware antistatic bags - our finest DIY approach from the days now long gone. Released 20 May 2018 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE025: THE KARMAMUMULATOR / TORTURING NURSE split diy cass ltd. ed. 30 copies [2014]


Two legendary artists (Croatian ambient noise project (The) Karmamumulator and Chinese harsh noise act Torturing Nurse) are represented here each with one track on this brief Circumanalis Records' resurrection from the dead. The cassette is released in a limited edition of 30 copies, 15 each in two different cardboard box designs. Released in Nov 2014 on Circumanalis Records / Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz / Grobarluk Records (all from Croatia).



Now, this is a very interesting and atypical release, for various reasons. First of all, it's the only release on Circumanalis Records that's not truly home-made, because the CDs are factory replicated (from a glassmaster). Secondly, it basically came out of nowhere because the arrangements for it were started long after Circumanalis officialy went defunct. And the last, most important reason, is that the music here has absolutely nothing to do with anything everybody's used to from this label. So, why all this you may ask... The answer is fairly simple - the guys from Nippercreep are my long-time friends from the very beginnings of the label (they were featured on Nirvana tribute compilation released in 2008) - they asked me to help them out, and I couldn't turn them down. So, who are Nippercreep anyway? They are a French grunge/punk/metal band with many influences and releases behind them. They are also the guys behind Chabane's Records with which I traded stuff and collaborated many times. Combustion is an EP with 8 songs they wrote and recorded before releasing their first album Test in 2010. There's rock, there's metal, and also some good oldschool hardcore punk on this record - something to suit everybody's taste, so be sure to check it out! Released 05 Nov 2011 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia) and Chabane's Records (France).

CARE023: DAO DE NOIZE - OM diy CD-R ltd. ed. 20 copies [2011]


Dao De Noize is a one-man ambient / drone / noise project from Ukraine - the country's second experiment to be released on Circumanalis Records. On this release he presents one 50 minutes long track which blends those styles into a coherent soundscape, having an ambiental background and building upon it with bursts of noise and droney passages. All in all, a fine listening experience which requires a calm set and setting to be fully enjoyed in. The CDs are packed inside a hand-made paper sleeves, and each copy comes with a golden painted metal OM symbol/keychain. Limited to 20 copies. Released 17 Jun 2011 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE022: GIHT SHASIE - KOŠULJA U GAĆE STAZA ZA JAHAČE diy CD-R ltd. ed. 25 + 3 copies [2011]


Giht Shasie are legendary digital grind mockers from Split, Croatia, and a long-time friends of mine. It's one of the bands that should have been released amongst the first on Circumanalis Records, but unfortunately they entered some kind of hiatus few years ago to work on countless other projects they are involved in. Every now and then they decide to reappear with some sick track on some compilation or collaborate on someone else's material. What we have here is their "lost" album from 2008 which is a result of a long night drenched with alcohol and who knows what not else. What started as a serious experimental session soon turned into a two and a half hour long pile of good laughs, total madness and numeorus chaotic covers of popular artists, including Giht Shasie themselves. All in all, 40 tracks of hardcore lunacy, only for the brave or long-time fans wishing to enter more into band's sick and perverted minds. Also features two bonus tracks, but these come on CD version only. To make everything even further in band's style, two editions were made - 25 regular copies in two versions of CD artwork, and 3 packed between two slices of yummy mortadella with olives. Bon appetit! Released 25 Apr 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE021: ___dREàgänN|||||| / Dotåbåtå - THE SOUND OF A WEEPING WILLOW IN THE WIND diy CD-R ltd. ed. 30 copies [2010]



Here we have a long-awaited split release by two very prolific noise artists. ___dREàgänN||||||'s part of the CD brings 21 minute of melodic ambiental noise soundscapes divided into two tracks, while Dotåbåtå continues to build up on these sounds, following with a loud, droney grand finale, all in one 33 minutes long track. The release features a stamp-imprinted CD and is available in green and blue cover designs. Limited to 30 copies. Released 10 Oct 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE020: MENTALNY KOLAPS / S.I.P.R.A.F.V.C.W.O.T.D.M.B.W. / POWERSET AXIOM - AMBIS split diy cass. ltd. ed. 21 copies [2010]



As longtime friends and collaborators on various musical and related projects (the Nistavilo collective, ambient drone project Lorn, helping each other out with labels etc.), the people behind these names (in case you wondered what does SIPRAFVCWOTDMBW stand for - it's "Sickness Inspired Pussy Ripping Abomination From Vaginal Cavity Womb Of The Death Mother Bezelbub's Whore") decided to finally put out a three-way split release, and now it's here in all its ambient noise glory! Get it while it's hot - it's limited to 21 copy only. Available in four different tape designs and packed inside see-through plastic zip bags. Released 03 Jun 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE019: FROSTWINTER - THE HOUR OF DECLINE CD-R pro done 80 copies [2010]


Musically inspired by old school industrial, post industrial, musique concrète, brutisim and similar genres, this German death industrial / dark ambient one-man project leans thematically (within a nihilistic intention), amongst other things, towards the deconstruction of the anthropocentric worldview by the occident, the exploitation/torture of (non-human) animals, metaphysical/cultural pessimism and a general reflection about degenerated manners of the human species. Relying on haunting industrial noise sounds, Frostwinter's newest release is heavily influenced by philosophical and related works of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Horstmann, Kierkegaard and others, extending over 55 minutes/13 tracks of beautifully crafted soundscapes. Limited to 80 copies. Released 27 May 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE018: THIRD I – EVERYDAY MADNESS diy cass ltd. ed. 15 copies [2010]


Well, you have already heard something about Third I here if you read one of the earlier posts. It seems that these guys just don’t know how to stop, but don’t think of that as something bad - on the contrary, here we have another brilliant album barely a month after the release of “Biomachina”. This time the subject is coping with quotidian insanity of ourselves and those who surround us, appropriately named “Everyday Madness: Daily Life Soundtrack”. Almost an hour in duration, including two versions of their earlier song “How Satan Gets Into Your Head” (each recorded onto its own side of the tape after the regular tracklist, both previously released by Smell The Stench on a split CD with Mein Kinder and earlier Third I album “When Tomorrow Hits…”, respectively), this dadaistic industrial noise recording will surely remind you of why it would sometimes be great without those pesky humans bugging you around. Limited to 15 copies. Released 19 Feb 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE017: MRT – FRIENDS diy cass ltd. ed. 20 copies [2010]


Serbian MRT is definitely a band worth exploring. They describe themselves as an industrial / dream project which mixes dreamscapes and irritating sounds and, while this is basically true for most of the album, there is actually much more to hear on this tape. So you may find yourself immersed in interesting noise passages, various rhythm changes or even a couple of noisy punk songs, but all this blended together without any unnecessary blank space and always utilizing a carefully measured instrumentation. But what really stands out the most and differs the band from many others who are trying to give their unique expression to industrial music, at least from where I stand, are countless forms of female vocals on top of everything - sometimes childish, sometimes dead serious (especially when mumbling something in a hardly distiguishable language/accent), sometimes so strange that you even wonder if what you hear really is human voice, but always in the right spot to give that special something and elevate the whole soundscape even further - which instantly reminded me of Jarboe or perhaps, to be more in accordance with one of the influences which the band states as their biggest, Diamanda Galas. All in all, with 4 bonus tracks taken off one of their previous releases, this album takes an hour seriously worth spending. Limited to 20 copies. Released 19 Feb 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE016: MERANKORII – CRYPTOLOOP diy floppy ltd. ed. 10 copies [2010]


Bash and python got together in a loop, messed up with some devices and crypt functions. The result was compressed and spat into a floppy. The riddle is that the source code, while not available, is shown by the 9 minutes long music track itself. You just have to learn how to reverse engineer it… Or, at least, enjoy the resulting tune. The geekiest release ever from Merankorii is out now: grab this Cryptoloop! Packed inside handmade cardboard covers. Limited to 10 copies. Released 01 Feb 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE015: THIRD I – BIOMACHINA diy CD-R ltd. ed. 50 copies [2010]


This release was bound to happen, it was just a matter of time and it surprises me that it didn’t happen much earlier. Why is this? Because Nenad, one of the two sickos from serbian THIRD I (also in Figurative Theatre, check them out!), has been reviewing almost all Circumanalis Records releases from the very start and publishing his thoughts on Helly Cherry webzine (which you should already be familiar with), so making a newest release by his band was the next logical step. Anyway, THIRD I is a prolific industrial noise project and here we have about 20 minutes of fantastic soundscapes divided into 3 tracks, telling a story of not-so-distant future in which humans are “improved” by various implants and other high-tech SF gadgets until they become real cybernetic organisms. A great soundtrack for the upcoming apocalypse! The CD-Rs are packed in hardware grid bags to make the whole story more realistic and the release is limited to 50 copies. Released 15 Jan 2010 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).




This is the second release in the series of Taklaman’s splits, this time with Paregorik from Czech Republic. It’s as powerful and brutal as these things go, spanning over 40 minutes divided in two 20-minute tracks by each artist. Featuring a beautiful abstract painting as cover art and packed in see-through zipper bags, this tape is a perfect match to the earlier release (it’s even released on the same day). Limited to 17 copies. Released 06 Nov 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE013: TAKLAMAKAN / I DREAMT OF HER BEAUTIFUL TENTACLES split diy cass ltd. ed. 15 copies [2009]



Well, it’s been a while since a split release came out on Circumanalis Records. Almost two years, in fact – none since the first release. To correct this injustice I teamed up with Taklamakan, a rather new but very prolific noise project from Rovinj, Croatia and decided to do a series of split releases that him and other artists wanted to put out on tapes but couldn’t find an appropriate label to do so. This is the first release in the series, featuring 62 minutes of destructive experimental noise by Taklamakan and Denmark’s I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles. A must-hear! Limited to 15 copies. Released 06 Nov 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE012: SATURN FORM ESSENCE – PLUTONIUM SHADOWS [EP] diy cass ltd. ed. 20 copies [2009]


Another tape release by Circumanalis Records brings a little over 20 minutes of beautiful ambient noise by Ukraine’s Saturn Form Essence. Really enjoyable record by great and very active artist (this is his eight release this year, and he’s not gonna stop there!) Make sure you check out his other work, too. Limited to 20 copies. Released 11 Oct 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE011: 012C – 012C diy floppy ltd. ed. 8 copies [2009]


Making your e-mail address available to public renders oneself susceptible to all kinds of unwanted bullshit. Couple of weeks ago I was checking the label’s e-mail and became exposed to one such bullshit. But this time I welcomed it with great hospitality. Apparently someone found my label’s MySpace profile and thought it would be a good idea to send me a short collage of himself (herself?) pissing, farting, defecating and flushing the toilet. I tried to make the contact with the person behind this, but never got a reply. So all I had was the person’s e-mail address and his or hers wish to name the project and release “012C” and the “song” as “C210″, backed up with only a simple demand saying “please release this!” (I tried to understand why three numbers and a letter, maybe a location in some building where this was made?, but couldn’t really think of anything reasonable, so I just attributed this to “artist’s” genius.) After giving it a thought I decided that this piece of shit (literally), although rather unoriginal and exploited a million of times before, deserves to be released as it would become the first (and only) release on Circumanalis Records so far that would fully justify the label’s name (for those who didn’t know, “circumanalis” is a medical term for all things anal and around anus). And it would be a dash of novelty to add to all those mean and serious noise and drone soundscapes. I’m prone to believe that the person who sent this had exactly the same thoughts in mind. Since wasting any resources or investing in this release would be plain stupid, I decided to use what I had lying around and recorded the mp3 to floppy disks, spent five minutes designing and printing info sheets and another five packing the disks into old hardware bags. If you no longer use this obsolete format don’t be sad, it’s the kind of sound you can make yourself in no time (but please don’t send it my way!) On the other hand, if you want to own a piece of shit, let me know! Limited to 8 copies. Released 09 Oct 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE010: 1+1= A WINDOW – OH diy 3″CD-R ltd. ed. 20 copies [2009]


The first Circumanalis Records release made on 3″ CD-R is in fact 21 minutes of pure digital harsh noise. 1+1= a window comes from Llanybydder/Wales and here he presents his mind blowing sickness inducing sounds, divided into two tracks. Each CD imprinted with a stamp. Hand numbered and strictly limited to 20 copies. Released 21 Sep 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE009: MENTALNY KOLAPS – REMINISCENCE diy cass ltd. ed. 13 copies [2009]


You may already be familiar with Mentalny Kolaps, because here we have his second release on Circumanalis Records, the first being "Void" earlier this year. Reminiscence is an ode to all forgotten dreams and shattered memories, a dark and brooding tribute to the unstoppable river of time, our greatest enemy and most trusted ally. Invoked through three chapters, this sinister soundtrack will take you on a spiral path to the nest of emptiness and depression. Death industrial / dark ambient. Limited to 13 cursed copies. Released 31 Aug 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE008: CLAD IN WHITE – S/T diy cass ltd. ed. 30 copies [2009]


The longest-awaited release in Circumanalis Records catalog has finally seen the light of day! After more than a year of various problems (material lost then recovered, financial issues, various packaging ideas and huge delays in realisation etc.) I'm proud to say that it was really worth the wait. Clad In White is – as Jetam, the guy behind the project (also a bass player for croatian doom metal band Throm) says - "the project with goal to achieve alternative and different sounds from common instrument such as a bass guitar with help of computer programming work." By description this tape can be compared to an earlier Circumanalis Records release - BigZ’s Sebway Mistral, but it manages to sound very different although recorded with mostly the same instruments and techniques. This music tends to give dark and frightful soundscape which will leave the listener uneased and nauseated. And sure it does, as promised. This tape, with two very long tracks on each side, delivers almost an hour long droning black mass ritual best enjoyed with hard liquor of choice and lights out. The tapes are packed in hot-sealed hardware grid bags and the release is strictly limited to only 30 copies. Released 06 Jun 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE007: POWERSET AXIOM – PACHYMENINX diy cass ltd. ed. 11 copies [2009]


Disgusting, arrhythmic, digital noise crossed with ambiental passages is what describes this release best. This piece of anti-art is the end result of a year-long process of collecting random noises, voices and other ambient sounds, playing numerous analogue and digital instruments, messing with various mechanical sound alteration devices and, finally, intentional software-powered deconstruction of what could have turned out as a listenable and perhaps enjoyable musical experience had it been the other way. As it is backed up by author’s emotional distress and strong personal feelings of pain, loss, discomfort, apathy, disease, nihilism, cynicism and similar jovial subjects, there is no further need to explain the nature of this record and why does it, metaphorically, reflect the urge to disintegrate all those pleasant concepts and ruts we are used to. But the final thought is still pointed at love, courtesy, thankfulness and the struggle those feelings demand. This record consists of one 28-minute-long track, supposedly divided into four movements, but still impossible to be comprehended separately, each representing a combination of a certain person, occurrence and associated feelings. Silence on the other side of the tape, tape design, cover art and its tenous details - all this plays an important role in the overall feel of this release. In fact, its every possible aspect, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem, from notional and aestethic to functional and artistic creates, at least within the author, a feeling hardly describable by words. It's the whole unimaginably greater than the sum of its parts. Since this record shouldn't even exist or be listened to anyway, it is strictly limited to only 11 cassette tapes so as fewer people as possible could get hold of it. Released 25 Apr 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE006: MENTALNY KOLAPS – VOID CD-R ltd. ed. 30 copies [2009]


Void represents the darkest work of Mentalny Kolaps up to date, a slow and decaying journey into absolute emptiness, told through seven chapters of death industrial / depressive ambient. A perfect soundtrack for dark hours of mind. The release comes packed in a DVD box and is strictly limited to only 30 copies so don't let it get away! Released 22 Jan 2009 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE005: GRUUTHAAGY – DIABOLUS ROTAE (ANALOG COLLECTION 1992-2000) CD-R pro done 80 copies [2008]



Originally released by Carpe Diem Records and Fecal Forces Prod. in 2000, this compilation brings best moments from Gruuthaagy’s analog period. Featuring 72 minutes of sickness divided into 14 tracks, together with all drawings from the original release made by Kktz himself. The release comes packed in unique silkscreened cardboard sleeves of exactly the same format as previously released Cold Imperial Ruins. Two different front covers, various color schemes, plastic zip bags – great for pairing up with earlier Circumanalis release. Hurry up and get your copy, this is the last chance to get your hands on this rare and sought-after release. Released 29 Dec 2008 on Circumanalis Records / Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz (both from Croatia).

CARE004: GRUUTHAAGY – COLD IMPERIAL RUINS CD-R pro done 105 copies [2008]


Gruuthaagy really needs no special introduction. You have all heard at least something from his vast discography. I’m proud to announce the latest release from one of Croatia’s noise pioneers, Cold Imperial Ruins, which sounds exactly as the title suggests. 20 minutes of Gruuthaagy’s magic packed in special hand-made digipak covers, over ten various colour schemes available! Released 25 May 2008 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE003: BIGZ – SEBWAY MISTRAL diy CD-R ltd. ed. 50 copies [2008]


In real life, BigZ is drumming for croatian ethno-doom metal band S.o.M. This is his one-man doom alter-ego and here we have his very first release, featuring over 70 minutes of drone-doom magic divided into 9 tracks, ranging from 3 to 19 minutes. These cold sounds were created primarily with a bass guitar and a computer, but closer listening reveals drums, cymbals, guitars, mouth organ, vocals, screams, as well as children chanting and crying. This is extremely limited edition and every CD has a different cover, hand-made by BigZ himself, featuring his own drawings as well. Released 19 May 2008 on Circumanalis Records (Croatia).

CARE002: V/A – MONTAGE OF HECK: A SINISTER TRIBUTE TO NIRVANA compilation CD-R pro done 125 copies [2008]



International sludge / doom / black metal / noise / ambient / rock compilation featuring 18 artists from around the globe covering one of the most influential bands of all times. Released 26 Mar 2008 on Circumanalis Records / Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz (both from Croatia).

Featured artists and tracks:
CLG – come as you are
THE WEALTHY PRIMATE – radio-friendly unit shifter
THE AQUAHOLICS – pennyroyal tea
DEMETRIUS GRAVE – on a plain
DAVID E. WILLIAMS – heart-shaped box
SELBST-MORDER – don’t want it all
NIPPERCREEP – floyd the barber
TIM PAGE (feat. SELBST-MORDER) – oh, the guilt
CUNTWORM – territorial pissings
12225 CHACALS – sifting
TETANUS – man who sold the world (covering nirvana covering bowie)
FIRE WALK WITH ME (feat. 209 SINS) – something in the way
LET’S REANIMATE – scentless apprentice

CARE001: KARMAKUMULATOR / POWERSET AXIOM – 40 MG OF INNER PEACE / TETRALOGY OF FALLOT pro done split cass ltd. ed. 130 copies [2007]



In August 2007 two Croatian experimental / noise projects from Split - Karmakumulator and Powerset Axiom - recorded material for a split tape. At this time, accidentally, during a photo session in an abandoned warehouse, a member of Karmakumulator found 130 old tin boxes which were used during the 1980's for military practice and since then left forgotten in some box. Circumanalis Records and Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz, both labels of each band member, decided to take and clean them, make artwork and pack this split release inside them, since the size of the boxes fitted the cassettes perfectly. Each act presents 12 minutes / one song divided in 4 (Powerset Axiom) and 7 chapters (Karmakumulator). Morbid, cold and bizarre soundscapes. Released 12 Oct 2007 on Circumanalis Records / Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz (both from Croatia).