Powerset Axiom

Powerset Axiom rose from the ashes of my first project named Vulvator (2004-2007). I considered Vulvator just a beginner’s attempt at making harsh noise and I did seven records, releasing them in very small quantities and giving some of those releases only to closest friends – some still remain unheard by anyone except me. Since I was never fully satisfied with the project, I decided to shut it down and work on something more serious and better-sounding.

Thus Powerset Axiom came into existence as a noise/ambient/industrial project, and it started just a couple of months before I decided to establish Circumanalis Records (summer 2007). In fact, I needed the label to promote Powerset Axiom’s first material so one thing just led to another – who could make a better release if not me, especially for a new and yet unknown project. Somehow I remained commited to that idea so I never really separated Powerset Axiom from Circumanalis Records and refrained from opening a separate MySpace profile or similar means of promotion. Since I release all Powerset Axiom material on my own label and do the promotion through it, I consider that people will learn about Powerset Axiom through label’s work.

Except for a couple of singles on compilations in form of CD-Rs and mp3 files, all Powerset Axiom releases were done as tapes so far, and I will stay true to this practice. The new release is expected sometime in the future. Powerset Axiom also got a chance to appear live a couple of times, athough always in collaboration with another artist(s).


- Tetralogy of Fallot (split w/ Karmakumulator) [Circumanalis Records, 2007]
- Bulbing (single featured on “A Silent Tide“, Croatian underground compilation) [soundBleed, 2008]
- Hashkane Purified (single featured on “Dark Scene vol. 8“, exYU undergound compilation) [Dark Scene Records, 2009]
- Pachymeninx
[Circumanalis Records, 2009]
- Knowing Seagulls In The Biblical Sense (track featured on "Ambis", a 3-way split tape w/ SIPRAFVCWOTDMBW and Mentalny Kolaps) [Circumanalis Records, 2010]
- Industrial Action! [Circumanalis Records, TBR 20??]

An excerpt from first version of Hashkane, a long track later chopped in pieces to make Hashkane Purified which was featured on Dark Scene compilation:


- 19 oct 2007 @ KC Lamparna, Labin/Croatia [Labin noise fest (Eksperimentalne elektronske intervencije), live collab. w/ Zid buke]
- 20 oct 2007 @ KC Lamparna, Labin/Croatia [Labin noise fest (Eksperimentalne elektronske intervencije), live collab. #1 w/ Karmakumulator]
- 22 may 2009 @ Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb/Croatia [7. festival prvih, live collab. #2 w/ Karmakumulator]
- 14 nov 2010 @ Galerija Praktika (Klub Kocka), Split/Croatia [Sonifikacija vol. 3, live collab. #3 w/ Karmakumulator]
- 01 jul 2011 @ SKWHAT, Sisak/Croatia [Sound Abuse, live collab. #4 w/ Karmakumulator]

Labin noise fest

7. festival prvih

Sound abuse