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Circumanalis Records tribute page

Circumanalis Records was a one-man operated DIY label from Croatia which actively and joyfully released ambient, noise, drone, industrial, experimental and similar artists from 2007 to 2011. The label is now on indefinite hiatus due to my preoccupation with existing and new projects as well as some personal reasons. It may and probably will be reactivated from time to time solely for purpose of releasing the music I find extremely interesting and worth sharing (such as new Powerset Axiom tape later in 201?), but it won't be brought back to full operation (promotion, distribution etc.) ever again. >>> DEMO SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED ANYMORE!!! <<<

This is now the official site of Circumanalis Records. All updates regarding the label will be available on this site only (new reviews, interviews, release info etc.). The MySpace profile won't be deleted solely for preserving the correspondence and contacts I made over the years and will be checked on a regular basis (more or less). WordPress page has been shut down but all useful information about the releases etc. has been transferred here. Please update your bookmarks to this site if you followed a link from any other Circumanalis Records oriented page.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding the label. The address is and I'd be happy to answer everything. Most of the releases are sold out, some are still available in good quantity, some are almost gone - hurry up if mp3 is not good enough for you (almost all releases are available for free download). I also have a few left-overs from the distribution I used to run, ask me about those as well. Keep in mind that I prefer trades over selling the stuff, so let me know what you have to offer.

A big THANK YOU goes to all supporters of the label during the years and especially to friends, artists and labels who made it all possible and a more enjoyable experience. I hope we will collaborate again, one way or another. Also I deeply apologize to all those who contacted me about releasing their material but never really got a chance. I'm sorry about that and all other deals that failed, I hope you always understood the reasons I gave you, and I did my best.